A feasibility study for the rehabilitation of 24 Main Street, located in Le Roy, NY
along a mixed use downtown, with neighboring multi-story buildings.

24 Main LeRoy Title

In.Site performed a non-invasive, visual evaluation via two walk-throughs of the structure. This included preliminary measurements sufficient to develop floor plans and study potential reconfigurations, egress, access, and code concerns, as well as different combinations of uses for each floor.

The request for services has been predicated on a Main Street LLC business structure, a broad-based, open investment group with many members who invest cash, funds from self-directed IRA’s, or earn membership interest in exchange for services, materials, or (in the case of the seller) some or all of the purchase price. Investors are only asked to consider putting in “as much as they can afford to not see again for a long time."

24 Main Street (the building) is part of a proposed national register historic district and, as such, if the work is done to certain standards, members can see the majority of their investment returned to them at the conclusion of the project in the form of pass-through tax credits, while still having an ownership interest in a project beneficial to the community, cash flowing while debt is paid down, and growing as a long-term asset.

The downloadable Feasibility Study lays out a detailed projection and is meant to serve as a base document for a business plan, and a tool for gaining investor confidence and commitments. If you would like to contact LeRoy New York LLC to discuss the Feasibility Study prepared by In.Site: Architecture for review or consideration, please use the "Contact Us" form on this site.

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The information in the Feasibility Study is copyrighted. Its use is limited to this project, and none of the
contents may be shared for any other purpose without the written permission of In. Site: Architecture.

In.Site: Architecture of Perry, NY performed a feasibility study for the rehabilitation of 24 Main Street, located in Le Roy, NY.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the project to assist potential investors in decision-making, and keep people informed of progress.