A feasibility study for the rehabilitation of 24 Main Street, located in Le Roy, NY
along a mixed use downtown, with neighboring multi-story buildings.

24 Main LeRoy Title

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If you click on the icon below, you will download copy of the In.Site: Architure "Feasibility Study" written exclusively for the building,
24 Main Street in LeRoy, NY. This document describes in detail, what In.Site proposes for the building use including commercial and business interests. The study also includes information on the enhancement of the occupied building to Main Street revitalization in LeRoy.
Since In.Site has copyrighted the feasibility study, the PDF requires a password. To obtain this, please send a message from our
contact page asking and it will be sent to you.

The information in the Feasibility Study is copyrighted. Its use is limited to this project, and none of the
contents may be shared for any other purpose without the written permission of In. Site: Architecture.


Click on the icon to the left
to download a copy of the
24 Main Feasibility Study.